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We create embedded, staff, customer, corporate, business to business loyalty and incentive programmes, value-added, lifestyle programmes, loyalty marketing solutions for Clients- Medical Aids, Short Term Insurance, Financial Services and Membership Clubs.

At Key Alliance Group providing superior service to our loyal clients is at the heart of everything we do.

Medical Access Service

This service is aimed at providing advice and assistance to customers in respect of general and/or medical emergencies which include 24 hour access to medical advice and assistance at no cost to medical scheme and non-medical scheme customers.

Emergency Medical Response

Appropriate road or air ambulance dispatch to provide lifesaving support and where relevant the patient will be stabilised before transfer is provided to the closest appropriate medical facility.

HIV and Trauma Support

Face to Face counselling and support. Blood test in the event of exposure inflicted by trauma or potential exposure at an appropriate provider recommended by the care centre. Advice and guidance provided by a medical professional. Also includes replacement of locks and remotes in the event of a break-in or robbery.

Trauma Counselling

The chance is that sometimes in your life you may experience some kind of traumatic incident. This could range from a traffic incident, home invasion or a violent physical attack. The product provides for telephonic and personal trauma counselling.

Home Assistance

Customers can have peace of mind when faced with an home emergency. Everyone has experience a blocked drain, a Fridge not cooling or electricity that keeps tripping. Contact us and we will send a tradesman to assist you with your household emergency 24/7. Services available anywhere in South Africa.

Office Assistance

The Office Assistance product provides for the call out and first hour of labour for any office related emergency which includes plumbers, Glaziers, Appliances, Electricians or Locksmith.

My Armed Guard

The My Armed Guard product is your personal security guard when you feel unsafe or your life is threatened. The service works in conjunction with the emergency mobile application. With a push of the panic button an armed guard is dispatched to your location.

Legal Assist

The legal product provides professional telephonic and legal assistance service in line with the South African judicial system and principles. Assisting with mediation matters, when necessary thus resolving legal matters before litigation and ensure legal expenses are kept to a minimum.

Legal Pro

Legal advice and representation on a variety of legal issues such as estates and wills, criminal law, labour law, debt collection, divorce and child maintenance. Includes free consultations and referral to an attorney.

Bail Assist

The Bail Assist product provides assistance to a customer in the event that the customer is arrested for a minor offence. The call centre will assist in arranging for bail to be posted however the transgressor is liable to face any penalties imposed for breaking the law.

Discounted Funeral

We understand that the cost of a funeral could be exorbitant. The customer simply contacts our call centre and arrangements will be made on their behalf with a reputable funeral service provider. Customers will enjoy the full discounted rates on all products of up to 15%. Includes tombstones; flowers; coffins and car rental.

Funeral Assistance

This product includes specially trained call centre case managers who are able to manage all aspects related to death, from bereavement counselling for the family members, to complete assistance with funeral arrangements.

Mobile Tutor Pro

Mobile Tutor Pro provides for more personalised and individual assistance via a call centre. Our qualified tutors will assist children with assistance telephonically should the need arise. This product ensures that your children receive the best possible guidance which results in improved educational results and outcomes.

Mobile Tutor

Most parents have a standard 8-5pm job away from their most prized possessions, their children. Mobile tutor allows the learner to access a mobile tutor from the convenience of their own home. The platform provides a safe a secure learning channel for your children.

Cyber Protect

In a world of electronic payments and money transfers, you face the risk of being scammed by malicious individuals or groups. Our Cyber Protect solution provides reassurance that your data is secured and protected providing you with peace of mind in times of uncertainty.
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2020 © Key Alliance Group. All rights reserved.
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